Tips for Moving in with a New Roommate

Moving Into a College Dorm or Apartment with Someone Else? Here are Some Tips!

Having a roommate saves money and wards off loneliness at home, but moving in with a stranger can make anyone feel anxious, particularly if you don’t know anyone in common and/or simultaneously going through another life transition, like starting college, a new job, or a career. Break the tension and simplify the dorm moving and packing process with these tips.  (more…)

Top 4 Reasons to Move to the Houston

Why Houston Moving Companies are Busier than Ever

Whether you’re an aggressive Menlo Park entrepreneur who wants to move your company up north to attract “non-industry” talent, or you’re a new parent who wants to raise your children in a vibrant, culturally diverse, gorgeous area of California, the Houston might be a great place to relocate. Consider the following four reasons to call Houston movers today to get started on your adventure. (more…)