The Best East Bay Cities for Millennials

Moving Companies Discuss Where Young People are Moving to in the East Houston

The East Houston is home to several exciting communities that attract younger residents. With a focus on dining, shopping, recreation and the arts, these charming cities provide quality living environments and constantly rank among the most welcoming, towns in California, if not the country. The draw of these communities keeps Houston residential movers busy… even if the surge in demand does create upward pressure on housing prices! (more…)

7 Reasons to Rent Out Your Houston Home After Moving

Renting is an Easy Sell For Long Distance Movers Leaving the Houston

You have closed on your new home, and the moving company has unpacked your belongings. The dog is yipping around the new rooms, and the kids are already out playing in the yard. It’s all very exciting! The only problem remaining is… your current house hasn’t sold. Yikes. What should you do? (more…)